Artist’s Profile:
Sabine von Graz’s vision is shaped by a lifetime nurtured in art. Her mother is one of Austria’s leading painters and sculptors.
Sabine’s paintings are unique, challenging images where strong colour and shape overlay differing visual clues.
Image by image, she is creating a new world.
“I guess I live out in my paintings things you just don’t get to do on an everyday basis.”  
Artist’s Statement:
My work is often described as sexual, funky with a touch of punk and leaning towards the surreal.
The secondary images hidden within the main image can turn
the viewer into the artist, letting them create their own story, possibly mirroring the state of the soul in the layers of the paintings.
I like to use and display my art in combination with found or sourced objects like flowers, which I actually put into the painting, or use recycled items I find to be part of the painting.
It gives my ‘two dimensional’ story the third dimension fusing into an installation.
The combination of the realistic, oversized still life flowers creates a powerful tension with the clear, cool and reserved image of the person looking at us from the canvas.
Once again the search of the old world in contrast with the contemporary is what fascinates and drives my painting.
The ideas and technique for a painting begin well before I start to paint. Any of my experiences can influence the outcome. Painting is expression.  My work is finished when my first intentions have developed into visual messages as bold as I can make them.
In an ever-changing world art is a constant. A painting is a lasting communication between the artist and the world. The challenge is to create new meaning in
a new way.
2002 Alloura Plaza, 424 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
2003 CO.AS.IT Center, 189 Faraday Street, Carlton
2003 Where Art Is At, 92 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
2005 July, Venier, Graz, Austria
2006 January, La Madrague, Port Melbourne
2007  Red Box, Sydney Road, Brunswick
2010 The Pantechnicon Gallery, Daylsford
1998   Melbourne Arts Club, North Melbourne
1999 Linden Gallery, St Kilda
2002 Jackman Gallery, 60 Inkerman Street, St Kilda Carlton
2003  July, Jackman Gallery, 60 Inkerman Street, St Kilda
2003 September,  Castle Harrachegg St Andra Hoch, Austria
2003 September,  Artholes, 128 Gertrude Street Fitzroy
2003 December, Galerie Kleiner Prinz, Baden-Baden, Germany
2003 December, Artholes, 128 Gertrude Street Fitzroy
January, Pavillon Josephine, Avenue De L’Europe, Strasbourg, France
March/May, Kreuzwirt Gutjahr, 8442 Kitzeck, Neurath33, Austria
2004 April Women’s Art Register Inc. ‘Genetics’ exhibition, Horti Hall 430 Victoria Street, Melb.
2nd -  21st of July, 2004, Artholes, Gertrude street
2004 22nd of July, 2004,Maree Mizon Gallery, Sydney Affordable Art Show
2004 September, Castle Harrachegg St Andra Hoch, Austria
2004 5th October - 3 rd of December, Riptide exhibition at the Toyota Community Spirit
2004 October, 'Colourful Art by Colourful women'  Rinaldi Gallery, Victoria Street, Brunswick, Melbourne
2004 December, 'Xmas exhibition'  Rinaldi Gallery, Victoria Street, Brunswick, Melbourne
2005 February,' Women's Art Salon' Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne
2005 May, The Jackman Gallery Melbourne - 3 women show
2005 June, The Jackman Gallery, group show 'Melbourne'
2005 July, The Pantechnicon Gallery, group show in Daylsford
2006 The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne
2007 McGee’s Gallery Mornington
2007 July, The Pantechnicon Gallery, group show in Daylsford
2007 October Group Show, Paddington Contemporary, Sydney
2008 – 2011 The Pantechnicon Gallery, Daylsford
1969 - Born in Steiermark, Austria
             Sabine von Graz grew up in a household that lived and breathed art.  Paper,            glass, mirrors… Every surface was painted, even dishes, T-shirts and cabinets.  From delicate ink drawing to striking Op Art, Sabine and her brother were surrounded by the work of her mother, well-known Austrian sculpture and painter Gerlinde Bartelt-Stelzer.
1984 - 1989 Fashion, Art, Design and Matriculation Certificate, Austria
1990 - Milagros (Los Angeles) Art and Design studio
1991 - Tribal Trade (Melbourne, Australia)
1991-95   Self employed - Design and manufacture, proprietor
1995 - 97 Beauty and the Beast
                Victoria State Opera costume design and making
1999 Diploma in Applied Design, RMIT
2001 Diploma in Electronic Art, RMIT